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J.B. Dental services in WestminsterWe take the greatest pleasure in welcoming you to our Westminster restorative and family dentistry practice. At our practice, we are committed to providing convenient concierge patient care and the finest dental services. At J.B. Dental, we utilize the most advanced technology available to help us provide exceptional results in all phases of cosmetic, restorative, family and preventative dentistry.

Our office is a soothing and relaxing environment where we ensure you are cared for and comfortable every time you visit. We look forward to working with you to create and maintain a brilliant, healthy smile.

Our dentistry team understand what you are going through. You need someone who can effectively diagnose, treat and follow through with your dental needs. We have guided countless dental patients through their care and made sure they understand their best available options. Furthermore, our dedicated dentistry team at J.B. Dental will give you the individualized attention you deserve. Excellence in customer service, professionalism and dedication to our patients is of paramount importance to the expert team at J.B. Dental in Westminster, Colorado. Call us today! (720) 458-6561

Westminster Family Dentist

Family Dentist in Westminster, Colorado

When you visit J.B. Dental, your oral health is our top priority. Our entire family dentistry team is dedicated to providing you and your family with the thorough, personalized and gentle care that you deserve. Whether you have a dental emergency that you need help with or are searching for a new dentist to take […]
Mother brushing teeth with child

Cancer Screening

At J.B. Dental an in-depth cancer screening is included with each patient exam. Oral cancer risks include tobacco use, alcohol use, sun exposure and contracting the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). With these all too common risk factors affecting nearly every patient in some way, it is important to have your dentist or hygienist check all […]
Woman sitting in dentist chair

Tooth Fillings in Westminster

A dental restoration, or dental filling, is a restorative material used to restore the function and look of missing or decayed tooth structure. Dental fillings can be fabricated out of a variety of materials. At J.B. Dental, we proudly utilize composite restorations for the health of our patients. Composite Dental Fillings At J.B. Dental we […]

Deep Dental Cleanings

Thorough home care is an important part of a successful oral hygiene routine. Combining regular brushing and flossing along with a routine visit to our dental office for cleaning every six months will keep your smile healthy and will help protect your teeth from cavities and gum disease. Our dental hygienist uses a combination of […]

Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures are removable, artificial teeth that are typically made from acrylic. They restore your ability to eat properly, improve your speech, and help support your overall facial structure. Teeth can be lost for a multitude of reasons, including decay, gum disease or through involvement in an accident. In cases like these, J.B. Dental in Westminster […]
Man using Invisalign braces

Invisalign® - Transparent Braces & Aligners

How does Invisalign Treatment Work? Your Invisalign clear aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth. Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right […]
Dental Crown

Dental Crowns, Inlays, and Onlays in Westminster

Dental crowns can be a very beautiful, natural looking dental restoration. J.B. Dental works with only the finest labs to create the highest quality custom crowns for our patients. Crowns are a type of cosmetic restoration used for repairing teeth that are broken, worn, or have portions destroyed by tooth decay, and to improve your […]

Dental Implant Restorations in Westminster

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to smile again with comfort and confidence, dental implants can be a strong, stable and permanent solution. At J.B. Dental in Westminster, we utilize the most up-to-date, minimally invasive methods modern Oral Implantology has to offer. When you lose teeth, it not only changes […]
White Teeth

Teeth Whitening & Tooth Bleaching in Westminster

According to a national survey from the American Dental Association (ADA), your smile outranks your eyes, hair and body-type as the most attractive physical feature. However, many people keep their smiles to themselves; embarrassed by yellowed or stained teeth. First impressions do matter, and teeth whitening could prove to be the difference in making a […]
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in your mouth. They come in between the ages of 17 and 25, a time of life that has been called the “Age of Wisdom.” Wisdom teeth are typically removed early in adulthood to avoid impacted teeth. When a tooth is not […]

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